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Call for papers

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2nd International Forum on Cooperative Law


 Athens, 26-28 September 2018


Call for papers

The 2nd International Forum on Cooperative Law follows the one organized in 2016 at Montevideo, Uruguay. The fruitful outcome of the Montevideo Forum – both as concerns the number of participants and the positive feed-back –  led to the decision to organize such meetings biannually.

The 2nd International Forum on Cooperative Law will be organized  at Athens by Ius Cooperativum, with the support of the International Co-operative Alliance and  of two local co-organizers: the Hellenic Open University (Athens) and the Peoples’ University on Social and Solidarity Economy (Thessaloniki).



Under the overall theme of “Cooperative Law and Cooperative Principles”, which is to point to the relevance of the internationally recognized cooperative principles for cooperative law, the 2nd International Forum on Cooperative Law will focus on the place of the cooperative principles in cooperative law, the research and education in the field of cooperative law, and on an exchange of views on cooperatives by lawyers and economists.


The themes of the Forum might include:

  1. The legal relevance (if any) of the cooperative principles for cooperative law
  2. The legal relevance (if any) of the cooperative principles for other fields of law (e.g. constitutions, administration law, tax law, bankruptcy law, labor law, competition law, bankruptcy law, audit regulations, book-keeping and accounting standards)
  3. Legal requirements (if any) for specific types of cooperatives, either by sector (e.g. agricultural, banking, energy cooperatives), or by governance/structure (e.g. workers’ cooperatives, multi-stakeholder cooperatives, social cooperatives)
  4. The unification of cooperative law at national, regional and international levels
  5. Cooperative law and the legal framework of the social economy
  6. Cooperative law and globalization.
  7. Policies on research and education in the field of cooperative law
  8. Educational programs in the field of cooperative law
  9. Tools for the research and study of cooperative law.

It is also planned to have a dialogue on any of the above or related themes between economists and lawyers, the motto being: “What can we/what must we learn from each other”?

Call for expression of interest

To express your interest in attending, please send an email to Ifigeneia Douvitsa (at: [email protected]) no later than the end of July.

If you would like to speak at the event, you are kindly invited to submit an abstract of 500-800 words to Ifigeneia Douvitsa (at: ido[email protected]), indicating one of the above-mentioned themes, to which it relates, no later than the end of July.

The full papers should be submitted no later than 28th August 2018 and may be considered for publication for the 2nd issue of the International Journal of Cooperative Law.


Organizing Committee

Alexopoulos, Yiorgos (Greece); Anthopoulou, Theodosia (Greece), Douvitsa, Ifigeneia (Greece); Giagnocavo, Cynthia (Spain); Gritzas, Giorgos (Greece); Henrÿ, Hagen (Finland); Hiez, David (Luxemburg); Kassavetis, Demosthenis (Greece); Kavoulakos, Karolos (Greece); Kritsikis, Alexandros (Greece); Nikolaou, Kostas (Greece); Roelants, Bruno (Belgium); Saridis, Isidoros (Greece); Snaith, Ian (UK).

Scientific Committee

Apps, Ann (Australia); Cracogna, Dante (Argentina); Fajardo, Gemma (Spain); Fici, Antonio (Italy); Geormas, Kostas (Greece); Kintis, Stavros (Greece); Kurimoto, Akura (Japan); Meira, Deolinda (Portugal); Munkner, Hans (Germany); Papageorgiou, Costas (Greece), Tadjudje, Willy (Africa); van der Sangen, Ger (Netherlands), Vladimirova, Oksana (Russian Federation).

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