First announcement

(San José) Costa Rica, November 2019

In commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the First Continental Congress of Cooperative Law that took place in Mérida, Venezuela, in November 1969, a new Continental Congress will be held this year coinciding with the XXI Regional Conference.

The meeting, which is the seventh in the series, will be held in the month of November 2019 in the city of San José, Costa Rica, at the headquarters of the Bar Association of that country, which has generously sponsored the meeting.

The Congress continues the line of the previous Continental Congresses that made important contributions to the progress of the legislation and to the development of Cooperative Law studies in the American Continent, the last one being held in Montevideo (Uruguay) in November 2016.

The meeting will provide an opportunity to evaluate the progress made in the matter since the pioneer day accomplished fifty years ago with the participation of delegates from many countries of the continent.

The call is addressed to lawyers linked to cooperative work in its various manifestations, professors and scholars of the subject, magistrates, and officials of public bodies related to cooperatives. Specially invited leaders of the cooperative movement may also participate.

The agenda of the Congress deals with the issues of greater theoretical and practical relevance of Cooperative Law at present and its development will be based on the analysis and discussion of the papers presented by the delegates.

Shortly will be made known the details of the organization, agenda, date for the presentation of papers and registration.