The International Journal of Cooperative Law (IJCL), issued by Ius Cooperativum (an international community of cooperative lawyers), is the first ever academic, peer reviewed, online, open access journal explicitly focused on cooperative law.

Its first issue was published in July 2018 and it is available here.

The focus of the IJCL is cooperative law, broadly defined all those legal rules – laws, administrative acts, court decisions, jurisprudence, cooperative bylaws/statutes or any other source of law – which regulate the structure and/or the operations of cooperatives as enterprises in the economic sense and as institutions in the legal sense, including provisions from other areas of law, applied to cooperatives (such as tax law, labor law, competition law). Its purpose is to stimulate the development of an international thinking in cooperative law and to include cooperative law into the major academic debates about the future of business law or the regulation of enterprises.
IJCL publishes articles, reviews, case studies, case-law commentaries, empirical research pieces or book reviews for a wider audience on topics related to national, regional or international cooperative law, including global and comparative perspectives. The IJCL has no geographical limitation nor one by legal traditions; quite the contrary, it seeks to cover cooperative law worldwide. Contributions through the lens of law per se will be complemented with other approaches, such as the approaches of law and economics, political and social sciences. The IJCL is mainly addressed to legal scholars and academics, without excluding practitioners and professionals with an interest in the field however.

Authors that are interested in contributing to the IJCL’s second issue – to be published before June 2019 – are invited to submit their work at [email protected] before the 31st of January 2019.

Exceptionally, contributions that have been previously published elsewhere and are of major interest for cooperative law may also be considered for publication, under the condition that there will be no copyrights’ infringements.

The language of the journal is English. Nevertheless, contributions may also be submitted in French, German or Spanish. However, if accepted, the author will be invited to translate the manuscript into English.

There are no minimum or maximum requirements with regard to the length of the submitted manuscript

The contributions will be subject to an anonymous peer-reviewing process, during which the article will be evaluated and a decision will be made for the article’s acceptance, revision or rejection.

Structure of contribution:
At the first page, please write down the title of your contribution, your surname, first name and affiliation. Please also include an abstract. The references shall be at the end of the contribution.

File to be send:
Please send your contribution in “Word Document” format at the e-mail [email protected] (email subject: “Submission for the second issue of IJCL”). The name of the file shall be the following “SURNAME, FIRST NAME – TITLE OF CONTRIBUTION”.