The IUS Cooperativum Association

In 2019, Ius Cooperativum became an association under the law of Luxembourg.

For Ius Cooperativum Statute in French and in English please click at the following links:

IUS Cooperativum Statute in french

IUS Cooperativum unofficial translation in English

The IUS Cooperativum launch

IUS Cooperativum is the first website to facilitate the sharing of information, opinions and data about cooperative law.

It was launched in 2016 by five cooperative lawyers:

  • Cynthia Giagnocavo (University of Almería, Cátedra (Chair) Coexphal-UAL in Agriculture, Co-operative Studies and Sustainable Development; European Chair of the International Co-operative Alliance Committee of Co-operative Research; Vice Chair of the Executive Board of the International Co-operative Alliance International CCR; and Barrister, Solicitor and Attorney)
  • David Hiez (Dr. Prof. in law, University of Luxembourg)
  • Hagen Henrÿ (Dr. Adjunct Prof. in law, University of Helsinki; Chair of the ICA Committee on Co-operative Law)
  • Ian Snaith (Retired Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester Law School, consultant solicitor with DWF LLP of Manchester, specialising in UK Co-operative Law, Chair of the Co-operative Heritage Trust, which runs the Rochdale Pioneers Museum, and researcher and writer on Co-operative Law)
  • Ifigeneia Douvitsa (Dr. in law, Democritus University of Thrace)

In recent years, several initiatives have emerged about cooperative law, in order to renew comparative studies, and some groups have been established:

  • inside ICA the Committee on Co-operative Law,
  • inside the academic world the Study Group on European Cooperative Law (SGECOL),
  • or the Latin American Cooperative Law Group.

The aim of this website is not to launch a new group, but to facilitate communication among all cooperative lawyers; it is a complement to the existing groups, not a substitute.

The first content of the website consists in news about events or publications about cooperative law.

It will be completed by information about reforms or new interesting cases in cooperative law, with some comments. The number and quality of that depends on you.

The last goal of the group is to establish an international journal on cooperative law.