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A selection of papers on cooperative law presented at the ICA Research Conference “New Strategies for Co-operatives: Understanding and Managing Co-operative Creation“, 24-27 May, Almeria, Spain*.

  • Hagen Henrÿ,

Cooperative unions and federations as part of the governance and organizational design of primary cooperatives

link: http://programme.exordo.com/ica2016almeria/delegates/presentation/5/

  • David Hiez,

The general interest cooperatives: a challenge for cooperative law.

link: https://iuscooperativum.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Hiez_ICA_general_interest_cooperatives.pages_pdf.pdf

  • Francisco José Torres Pérez,

Cooperatives between State control and the Collaborative Economy (draft version)


  • García García, Francisco de Borja.

The relevance of the principles of co-operatism within Co-operative Law.


  • Ifigeneia Douvitsa,

Greek cooperative legislation during the post-crisis years: Between companization and socialization

link: greek_cooperative_legislation_during_the_post-crisis_years_-_between_companization_and_socialization

* http://www2.ual.es/ica2016almeria/

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